Miracle Garden Landscaping is a Dubai based landscaping company. Specializes mainly in operation and maintenance of soft and hard landscaping. Design, theming and Irrigation Network. MGL is the creator and operator of the unique and hugely popular Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden and Al Ain Paradise.


    Operation & Maintenance
    Development of Public Parks
    Public Streets, Roads & Highways
    Hard and Soft Landscaping
    Development of Public Facilities & Amenities
    Green Houses
    Pumping Stations
    Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Pest Control Operations for Date Palms

Electrical Generation Units

Pest Control.


Fruit Trees and Landscaping



  • Dubai Miracle Garden (Season 5)
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • Business Bay Project
  • Dubailand Sales Project
  • Tigerwoods Nursery
  • Rahaba Residences District
  • Jalili Hospital
  • Liwan Community Gate Entrance Project
  • Dubailand Residential Complex Project
  • Dubai Properties
  • Dubai Miracle Garden (Season 4)
  • Dubai Miracle Garden (Season 3)
  • Dubai Miracle Garden (Season 2)
  • Dubai Miracle Garden (Season 1)


for inquiries please send us an email at  info@mglands.com